Thursday, February 17, 2011

Standing Together As One

Today's news highlights more attacks than ever on public schools and our nation's educators. Under the guise of budget cuts and other needs, those who believe unions are the problem with public education today are on the attack. They propose legislation that will gut our ability to organize education employees and protect the rights of our members. Ultimately, this harms our children because their teachers and other adults important to their success have to focus on survival rather than professional issues. We stand strong with our brothers and sisters in states across the country who are in deep battle to protect their rights. Members in Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Wisconsin and others have my full support!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Mission, A New Vision

Why we exist and where we are going are the focus of the new statements developed over the last eighteen months by the NEA-Alaska Strategic Planning Committee. This group thoroughly reviewed existing documents and whether they fit our current and future reality. The next steps are to get feedback and ideas from membership on goals and plans of action to move us toward realizing our vision and mission. Our UniServ directors and leaders will be asking for suggestions over the next few months. The NEA-Alaska Board of Directors will be developing goals and action plans at the upcoming retreat in June.