Monday, February 20, 2012

"Ultimate Giveaway?" Gimme a Break!

OK. I've tried to be as respectful as possible with our Governor. It's our highest statewide elected office and I do respect the office. I do not, however, respect those who are in the position and use it to DISRESPECT our public school districts, staff and students. The current Governor made statements in the last week showing he does not believe in the fundamental REQUIREMENT that the state provide what is needed in Alaska's public schools. I've actually replayed his statements a number of times to be sure I heard correctly. He called funding of our schools the "Ultimate Giveaway!" Unbelievable that someone in his position could be that inaccurate and uncaring for the children of our state. "Giveaway?" The term itself implies that money is being given with no oversight and no planning on how it should be used. This is not true and is an insult to school board members and administrators who work long and hard to be sure district budgets are responsibly proposed and implemented!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hugh Neff, Cat in the Hat, Wins the 2012 Yukon Quest!

Each year, NEA-Alaska sponsors Read Across Alaska. This is our part of the NEA Read Across America effort to promote literacy and reading. Since 2008, we have sponsored musher Hugh Neff and his wonderful team in races across our state. Everywhere Hugh goes, he promotes positive messages of the importance of a good education, reading, healthy living and literacy. He is a fantastic spokesman and has an excitement for life that is infectious to all he meets. I have met with him numerous times and am always impressed with his positive outlook. It is a pleasure to support such a great role model as he works to be successful with his team of superb athletes.