Saturday, October 30, 2010

We DO NOT use Member Dues for Political Action

Let's get one thing clear. NEA-Alaska DOES NOT use even one penny of dues payments from our members in political activity. Our Political Action Committee for Education (PACE) is a completely separate account and no dues money is EVER used for political action of any kind. The money used for communication in the political arena are collected outside of membership dues. I have had a few inquiries lately about this and want to make sure there is no doubt about this.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Professional Development Focus of Fall Event

Regionally appropriate offerings in the areas of bargaining and rights is the current direction we are heading with former offerings in our annual Fall Event. With this shift in how we deliver advocacy training, we were able this year to offer more in Professional Development for our members. Cultural competency, issues of importance in the area of education reform as reflected in bargaining, special education and the law, and other offerings took place over the weekend. This was the largest Fall Event we've ever held in the number of participants. Some sessions were overflowing the capacity of the meeting rooms in which they were held. I'm looking forward to reading the evaluations to get more response from those who attended. College credit was offered at the very reasonable cost of just $69!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How are decisions made?

Sadly, we can't please everyone. The best we can hope for is to make informed decisions and be earnest in our efforts. So often I am asked about decisions and why they are made. I am a homework person and I do everything I can to find out all the related information about a topic before coming to a conclusion. Many decisions are made along with other leaders and our staff in consultation. There are many inquiring about the PACE decision to support Lisa Murkowski for the U.S. Senate. This was a carefully discussed and thougthtful decision and was not made in haste. I have been responding to members who have concerns about this decision. They have every right to question the decision and I am doing my best to help them understand the process that was used.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Nation Rally in Washington D.C.

Today I was overwhelmed by the impact of the One Nation rally and march on the mall in Washington D.C. So many were there expressing concern over the need for Americans to have jobs, a place to live, food, health care, and opportunity. It was a non-denominational event, and it was a non-partisan event. This was a huge outpouring of concern and emotion about the state of so many in our country as they struggle to survive. I feel honored to have represented Alaska and NEA-Alaska members at this moment in our history.