Tuesday, May 4, 2010

National Teacher Day

Teachers are trustworthy individuals who give of themselves every day of the school year. Today we honor their work by saying "Thank You" for the investment they make in our children. Teaching is much more than imparting specific knowledge and curriculum into our kids. Teaching is a commitment to providing a model of behavior and living honorably through respect and truth. Those who believe an education can be organized on a business methodology or that a person can learn to be a teacher in just a few short weeks are mistaken. Skilled practitioners take years to perfect their craft. The experience of a seasoned teacher cannot be replicated except through duplication of time and energy. There are no shortcuts to good teaching. I am awestruck every time I walk into the classroom of a professional educator who is bringing a love of learning and knowledge to the students who sit before them. Thank You to each and every teacher who taught me, my family members, my daughter. We are all better because of you!

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