Saturday, September 25, 2010

Representing Our Membership

Much has been said lately about the decisions of the NEA-Alaska PACE. This is the committee that decides which candidates for office we will be supporting as an organization. It would probably be impossible for everyone to agree on every race, but we use a democratic process. The group consists of the entire Board of Directors, including officers and at-large members. Additionally, we elect one committee member for each of the regional directors. The current total of the committee is 61. Every member has a voice and every member can run for a seat on the board or PACE. I routinely encourage those who express disappointment in our decisions to get involved and make their wishes known. This is how we arrive at good decisions and it is how we get real representation.

This weekend I am in Juneau and Fairbanks. On Tuesday I head for Washington, D.C. to represent NEA-Alaska at meetings of our national organization.

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