Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New DEED Commissioner Michael Hanley

Newly appointed Commissioner Mike Hanley came into the NEA-Alaska Anchorage office for a visit last week. We discussed numerous priority issues such as what to do with/about the HSGQE, education funding, rigor in school programs and coursework, working together, the concerns members have had with certification, the importance of recognizing National Board Certification of teachers, and others. Commissioner Hanley also consented to coming to our Spring Leadership Academy in April to speak to members. He will be making a gradual transition from principal of an elementary school in Anchorage to working full time in Juneau. He intends to be living in the capital city and on the job completely by February. His big concern right now is making sure the students and staff of his school are taken care of and there is a smooth transfer to new leadership. I found Mr. Hanley to be professional, caring and a very good listener. He even jotted down my request that the Department stop using the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage since we are participants in boycotting of the property due to the continued lack of willingness on the part of management to settle the contract with their staff.

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