Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planning Year-Round

Right now, two terrific planners are hard at work. What are they doing? They are putting together plans for training next fall. They are preparing for an offering of a Planning Your Financial Future class that will be offered in Anchorage. This is an outstanding course with positive ratings every time it has been offered! Teresa Muench from NEA Member Benefits and our own NEA-Alaska staff member Barb Young work hard to make these courses available to locals upon request. The information shared is fantastic for every member regardless of where they are in their careers. Local Presidents make the request to NEA-Alaska to start the ball rolling. The courses are extremely popular and sometimes take as much as a year to schedule because of the need for highly trained professionals to present the information. In this time of shrinking budgets, projected reductions and less than desirable investment income, it is crucial to take advantage of an opportunity to benefit from this valuable information.

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