Friday, November 25, 2011

Mission and Vision

Well over two years ago, the NEA-Alaska Board of Directors embarked on a journey to renew and revitalize our strategic plan. A diverse group of members, staff, and leaders worked diligently to develop new mission and vision statements that reflected our expectations for the state organization. The committee worked from their own perspectives and those of members across the state who were surveyed one-on-one to develop these statements. This was truly member driven action. In January of 2011, all Delegate Assembly delegates were given a copy of the two items for reflection. A presentation was made to explain the process, reasoning, and expectations. Throughout the process, all constituency groups of NEA-Alaska were represented and have had ample opportunity to give feedback. One change was proposed to the Mission statement in all that time. During the upcoming Delegate Assembly, 2012, we will ask the delegates to adopt the new Mission and Vision statements for the organization. I firmly believe this is the right direction and support passage with no hesitation.

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