Friday, December 9, 2011

Why It Makes Sense to Support President Obama

NEA-Alaska has a well-developed record of supporting candidates who support the concerns of our membership. We have a strong history of being truly bi-partisan in making decisions about issues, rather than  party affiliation. In 2012 we will go to the polls and decide the direction our nation will head. Will we maintain our ability to organize and bargain contracts? I hope so. Will we keep the fundamental middle class values we hold dear? I hope so. Last summer, delegates to the Representative Assembly voted to make an early recommendation to support the re-election of President Obama. This decision was based upon where all of the major candidates stood on our issues. While I don't agree with every policy and decision, the President supports unionism and our right to exist as a union. He supports making sure that all children receive a quality education and decent health care. He supports a strong and well-supported public education system for all. I have not seen or heard anything from his opposition that makes me believe they share my values and concerns. Please join me in supporting President Obama's campaign for re-election.

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